Secure screening your cargo with our RASCO.

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We make everything secure.

RASCO minimizes the risks for unloading and carriers. Not only provides a high level of detection accuracy and the application of screening measures that comply new cargo freight security.

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The advantages of RASCO at a glance.


Real-Time Tracking

Using our e-logistics online portal for managing logistics.

JB Logistics France has installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and management. You will receive timely electronic updates about your cargo's status at nearly every stage from us, providing you with a strategic advantage in your planning.

Efficiency and Compliance

Secure transport through the strictest compliance with all regulations.

Remote air explosive detection sampling allows for swift, comprehensive cargo scanning, expediting the overall security screening process.

Cost-Effective Benefit

Time, cost, and resource savings.

Remote screening reduces the need for extensive physical security measures, resulting in potential cost savings.

Enhanced Detection Accuracy

High detection rate thanks to innovative technologies.

Remote air explosive scent screening offers an exceptionally high level of accuracy in detecting even minute traces of explosive materials, enhancing overall security measures.

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Our Strategic Location

No matter where your shipments are from, our strategic location between Germany and France provides your air freight with greater possibilities in the EU Market. Take advantage of our logistics service.