Security for your air cargos.

The CYNO System

When it comes to the issue of security air freight for explosives detection, canines are the prime option for reliability, efficiency, and budget-wise of cargo inspection.

Their remarkable abilities are regularly utilized to carefully screen numerous cargo in order to comply with aviation security for all concerned parties before being taken off.

Why Choose Us?

Our aviation security experts will assist you with the reliability and execution of safe logistic services. Selecting our Explosives Detection Dogs Service ensures a reliable freight check prioritizing safety above all else.

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Explosive Detection Dogs

Our trained explosives detection dogs demonstrate an exceptional level of accuracy.

Handler-Canine Synergy

The effective teamwork between our expert handlers and the canines ensures dependable collaboration.

Real-Time Tracking

We have installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and management.

Your secure cargo with CYNO system by JB France.

  • Accurate and comprehensive detection of potential explosives in cargo for aviation security.

  • Our CYNO screening methods service complies with EU Regulations and all concerned parties.

  • Non-invasive screening for cargo shipments, and offering cost-effective benefits.

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