Driving diversity, delivering excellence.

JB Logistics France is proud to hold various certifications and the commitment proves the success of quality and customer satisfaction.

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Overview of JB Logistics France Services


Swift, secured, explosive detection solutions.

RasCargo - A new superior approach to screening extensive cargo volumes, ensuring swift detection of explosives and thwarting contraband smuggling.

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Security for your air cargos.

Our trained explosives detection dogs demonstrate an exceptional level of accuracy.

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Taking your business to new heights.

We provide Superior Logistics Services and Brokering Air Freight.

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Store, fulfill and ship.

With a standardized warehousing network, we offer a high level of quality, functionality and operational control.

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Why JB Logistics France?

  • Expert team with extensive industry experience.

  • Modern technology and streamlined processes.

  • Non-destructive security methods.

  • Tailored freight solutions to your specific needs.

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As a leading logistics company, JB Logistics France has established our reputation in the cargo freight security screening sector,

built upon a solid legacy of efficiency and reliable service.

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